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About Us -Casey Healing Wellness

Our Mission 

  • Our mission is simple. We want you to feel better. To help you achieve this, we offer monthly memberships  That are easy on the budget and hassle free. You can cancel your membership at any time with just a few days’ notice. We also provide you the convenience of online scheduling and are open 6 days a week with both early afternoon and evening hours available. It has been our experience over the years from talking with patients and potential patients that as much as they wanted to “try a massage,” they had too many unanswered questions and have been poorly “programmed” by the media and other sources. So they decide to wait…. And wait…. And wait. By providing you with a dynamic web platform that serves to quickly educate and convey many answers to common questions, we are able to eliminate some of the apprehension and provide you with a space that allows you to better determine if a massage is right for your needs.

Casey Healing Wellness
  • Making a profit is important in any business, but at Casey Healing Wellness  we have chosen to look at our investment as a long-term return. You will never be rushed, booked back-to-back, or be pressured into more care.  Our standards are to get you on a schedule that works for your needs for preventive care, and off the table for injury/recovery

  • We will not push treatment you do not need, we figure that you know what you want at this point in your life.

  • We will uphold the values of medical practice by using massage in a way that is plausible for science. We will not use faith, energy, misinformation, imaginary lines, or dubious science to treat. We will not perpetuate misinformation or myth within the industry and will do our best to correct false information when we see it. We will not pretend to be able to provide impossible results

  • We will practice evidence-based massage therapy. What does that mean? Our treatments will be based on the latest scientific evidence for results and we will uphold the standards of medical practice. We will be invested in your health, which means we will refer you to other professionals, and provide home care solutions as needed. We put your health needs first.

  • We have decided the best way to change our industry is to lead by example.

Even if you do not choose us, you can help by choosing independent massage businesses that do not abuse their employees. When a spa offers a 30-50 dollar massage, it is less than a therapist should be making hourly. Large corporate spas are not in favor of customers, or employees, they are in favor of money. 

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