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Melvin Casey

Melvin prides himself on his intuitive ability to attentively and objectively hold safe space for others to holistically heal through touch. His massage and energy practice is meditative in nature and personalized to meet the needs of each client. Melvin believes that in order to return the physical body to its natural state of homeostasis (or balance), the emotional body, mental body, and energetic body must all be addressed. Melvin Casey is a 2010 graduate of Cortiva Institute- Watertown, MA, a graduate of Columbia College Chicago holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism He has been a License Muscular Therapist since 2010 and working as a certified healer since 2011, focusing on injury evaluation and treatment learning to combine an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology with techniques drawn from various modalities to address what is causing your pain. He uses his anatomical knowledge, understanding of physiology and natural intuition to help awaken the innate gift of healing in his clients. 

Leidys Casey

Leidys, a native of Las Villas, Cuba had it clear from the beginning that she wanted to pursue a career in Massage and Aesthetics  .She always been amazed at how marvelous and complex the human body can be. Leidys graduated from Medical Technolgy Institute ,Union City NJ . Leidys is the most highly requested massage therapist in New Jersey. In 2008 she was awarded as "Best Massage Therapist in Northern New Jersey" .

After 17 years in practice, my work is an integration of orthopedic massage, assessment, evaluative skills, clinical work, a kinesthetic understanding of anatomy and life experience. I believe our work is deep, but deep doesn’t equal pain. Working out chronic tension, adhesions, and injuries is intense but should not be painful. When a client is holding their breath or enduring our treatment, we have gone beyond intensity into the realm of damage. My goal in every treatment is to help the client feel better and to enjoy the work as it is given. 

Casey Healing Wellness Edgewater, NJ

We are conveniently located in Edgewater NJ inside Phenix Salon Suites,473 River Rd, Suite 139  just adjacent to TJ Maxx . After 6pm you will need to be buzzed in for security. Our medical massage clinic performs several specializedmassage servicesfor injuries, athletes, pregnant people, and special populations. We have free parking available, restrooms and vending machines for refreshments. Our modern medically themed room is designed so that all people can be comfortable in our space. We are Massage Therapists licensed and insured in the state of NJ.

473 River Road 
Phenix Salon Suite #139
Edgewater, New Jersey, 07020


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