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Have you been looking for a massage therapist near you?

Do you keep saying, “If I could just find a great massage therapist near me?” Just need a tune-up? Need a little quiet time away from your home or  office? The Orthopedic massage therapy  program is just what you need. Our clinical environment in Edgewater, New Jersey will soothe your mind while our expert hands give you the attention you need. Why settle for a low-quality spa massage when you can have the best of both worlds? We want to raise the bar for what is considered a ‘good’ massage. Everyone can benefit from an informed massage therapy treatment. We have a number of ways to help you

Evaluation Session 

Assessment is necessary before treatment. The initial evaluation reviews your history and might include questions about exercise, diet, emotional issues and life style stresses. A thorough musculoskeletal examination is conducted and your tension patterns are analyzed. The single most important task of this session is to come to an understanding of the problem and determine the best approach to resolving it. Findings are discussed and, if appropriate, recommendations are made for treatment. Recommendations may include muscular therapy, friction therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, exercise, injection therapy, surgical or other medical consult and so forth. There is time for you to ask questions and you are welcome to call if questions arise after you leave. 

Evaluation Session

 Treatment Sessions 
In a hands-on injury treatment session, one or several parts of the body may be treated. Treatments may start with the client on his or her back, or face down, depending on the reason for the treatment. The client is often asked to participate in deciding what is needed during a particular session. Injury treatment sessions usually begin at twice a week and scale down as the condition improves.

Treatment Session

Customized Therapeutic Massage

Every body is different, and so should be every massage. We take the time to understand your specific needs and health goals. Our therapists combine various techniques from different types of massage to create a customized session aimed at achieving the best possible results for you.

Our Approach to Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy sessions are not just about treating the body, but also about understanding the interconnection between the mind and the body. We believe in a holistic approach where every therapy session is geared towards not just alleviating pain but also promoting an overall balance between physical and mental wellness.

Experience the transformative power of professional massage therapy at Casey Healing Wellness.  Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, reduce pain, or enhance your overall physical health, our team of expert therapists is here to help.

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Service Policies

2 Hour Cancellation Notice Required for all regular appointments. Each individual is required to make their own appointment.Individuals may reserve appointments for others with prepayment and/or proper consent. All clients must be at least 18 years old. Appointments may be shortened the amount of client tardiness with full payment due for the appointment booked. No more than one discount may be used at one time. Discounts and coupons may not be combined. All sales are final. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. Gift certificates are not replaceable or refundable. We are not responsible for lost of stolen articles. Articles left behind for more than 30 days will be discarded. Sexual remarks or suggestions and unbecoming conduct will not be tolerated. We have the right to refuse services to anyone at will and failure to comply with our policies.

Gratuities are not included in service pricing, tips at this location may be left in cash or Venmo