Insurance Information

Need help to understand your insurance information?

Do you accept insurance?

We currently accept both HSA and FSA cards at our office. You must call and check the ‘conditions of use’ for your plan. Some insurance plans require a ‘prescription’ for treatment from your doctor as well as a diagnosis code on that prescription. We are happy to provide medical receipts based on this information for your insurance. 

Do you have massage therapy coverage on your insurance? 

Many people do. The only way to tell is to ask your insurance carrier if they cover ‘massage provided by a massage therapist’. We can currently bill under two codes 97140- manual therapy and 97124 massage therapy. Your insurance may have special requirements about codes, referrals, and prescriptions. We do not verify your insurance. Since we are cash pay, it is best to expect that you are responsible for this bill.

If you have coverage in your insurance, ask for a medical receipt to be issued at check out, and we will send you a separate invoice from your credit card receipt to the email you used to book. Our receipts have your therapist’s name, license number, NPI number, the service issued, the cost, the diagnosis (if you provided one), and our tax id on them. These are only issued on request.

We cannot currently accept other forms of massage therapy insurance, but we are happy to provide a medical receipt for you to submit on your own. We are an out-of-network provider on most plans.  To find out if you have massage therapy insurance coverage, call your carrier and ask if you have ‘manual therapy coverage provided by a massage therapist; some plans may have coverage, but it requires you to go to a physical therapist or doctor.

Are my massages tax deductible as a medical expense?

If you are seeking massage for a medical reason, they might be. Please consult with your accountant for this advice.  We do however recommend that you submit these bills to your tax preparer to see if they qualify. If you are receiving regular treatment and have medical bills, we also suggest you get an end-of-the-year invoice to see if your totals are tax deductible for medical care. Please book a medical massage so that your credit card receipt says the right service.

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