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Casey Healing Wellness  is pleased to introduce the Spiritual Healing Massage.

There are 7 main chakras that run along the spine:

1. Root Chakra – Sits at the base of your spine or tailbone. 
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as problems in the legs, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive parts and prostate gland. 
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as feelings affecting the basic survival needs; money, shelter, food and the ability to provide life’s necessities. 

2. Sacral Chakra– Two inches below your navel
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as sexual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney infections, hip pelvic and lower back pain.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as fear of commitment to relationships, expressing emotions, fears of impotence, betrayal and addictions.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – three inches above your navel
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as digestive problems, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers and colon issues.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as issues of personal power and self-esteem.

4. Heart Chakra – at the heart
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as asthma, heart disease, lung disease, issues with breasts, lymphatic systems and upper back and shoulder problems.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as jealousy, abandonment, anger, bitterness and fear of loneliness.

5. Throat Chakra – at the throat
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as thyroid issues, sore throats, laryngitis, ear infections, neck and shoulder pain.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as fear of communication, will-power and being out of control.

6. Third Eye Chakra – in the middle of the eyebrows
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, seizures, hearing loss and hormonal imbalance.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as moodiness, volatility and self-reflection.

7. Crown Chakra – top of the head
Physical imbalances manifest themselves as depression, inability to learn, sensitivity to light, sound and the environment.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as confusion, prejudice and self-doubt.

  • The treatment aims to identify any possible blockages in the guest using crystals, essential oil blends, massage and energetic techniques. The aim is to release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of wellbeing. By balancing your Chakras you may be able to:

  • 1. Remain calm within your everyday life
    2. See challenges for what they are, and not be as affected by them.
    3. Overcome past life experiences which could have left their mark on you.
    4. Help others without their problems affecting you.
    5. Develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness to feel good about yourself and life every day

At the start of the treatment  Minister Melvin will do a thorough consultation with you and during this time will use a pendulum to help identify any possible imbalances. He will then use specialize massage techniques to relax and open up the energy flow through the lower chakras. Using a combination of massage, energetic work, aromatic inhalations and crystals he will treat the chakras on the back of the body. 

What We Do


Our Spiritual & Energy Healing Services are conducted by Melvin Casey. 

Chakra Balancing

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. It flows up and down along our central channel, base of spine to top of head, connecting the chakras.Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras. When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing.

 Healing Touch 

Melvin Casey is a certified healer who brings divine love energy to the individual to release these negative forces. The healing process is releasing emotional, physical, and spiritual negative energy, resulting in the development of a higher energetic vibration. Healing Touch is an "energy therapy" that uses gentle hand techniques thought to help re-pattern the patient's energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

 Spiritual Healing Massage

Spiritual massage is a combination of techniques, enriching the body, mind, and soul. Affirmations and prayer can be added to the massage to help create an overall good health. Melvin is an Ordained minister as well as License massage therapist and can administer a spiritual massage. He can transfer positive energy in a spiritual manner in a loving touch.


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